sam        17/12/20 12:09 pm if you have any leads on ones who arent
                                   cooperating or wahtever, let me know
 bryant     17/12/20 12:09 pm Particularly with the impending demise of the
                                   GameSPYs and UGOs.
 sam        17/12/20 12:09 pm yeah
 bryant     17/12/20 12:10 pm Will do.  The danger I guess here is confusing
                                   "angry and vocal" with "uncooperative".  Some
                                   are both, but a few are just one or the other.
                                    I'll sit down with Jo and Sharon this weekend
                                   and compare notes on the reactions we had to
                                   the SR rollout.
 sam        17/12/20 12:11 pm yeah..true..  of course, we wont do anything
                                   to shoot ourselves in the foot.. evaluating
                                   them on a one by one basis
                                   like themeheaven has a 24x7 banner next to
                                   ours.. well u know his payment will be delayed
 bryant     17/12/20 12:11 pm It goes without saying I think that anyone who
                                   still doesn't have the channelguide up by the
                                   1st is clearly uncooperative. =)
 bryant     17/12/20 12:11 pm Heh, yeah - that can't fly.  Especially as we
                                   ramp up sales.
 sam        17/12/20 12:12 pm well we're changing our coutning using the
                                   webguide now.. so it shoots them :)
 sam        17/12/20 12:12 pm we'll be reasonable but firm :)
 bryant     17/12/20 12:12 pm Yeah, I heard.  Came across more than a few
                                   frantically getting it up on every page.
                                   Noone can fault 'reasonable but firm'.
 sam        17/12/20 12:13 pm heh
 bryant     17/12/20 12:13 pm Anyway - I better get running here.  Meds are
                                   running out so starting to feel like hell. 
                                   Good chatting with you.  I'll follow up with
                                   you and Mike after I talk to Sharon.
 sam        17/12/20 12:14 pm still sick? geez:) ok..thanks..cya
 bryant     17/12/20 12:15 pm Yeah, it's not getting much better.  Constant
                                   tests, and a 'spot' in one lung.  Probably
                                   nothing, but man - I better be getting
                                   normal/well again soon.  Just about sick of
                                   being cooped up in the house 24/7.  Then
                                   again, it does allow for a whole new level of
                                   focus on the work at hand.   =)
 bryant     17/12/20 12:15 pm Later.
 sam        18/12/20 12:32 am probably too late to change the terms on RB
 bryant     18/12/20 1:07 am  May not be.  Want to do it by a different
                                   scale?  Revs?
 sam        18/12/20 1:07 am  just wondering.. maybe daily visitors
 sam        27/12/20 9:54 am  hey how's it going 
 sam        27/12/20 12:57 pm iBLAMEj00 (ICQ#8906076) Wrote:
                                   But you pay webmasters by page views instead
                                   of unique visitors; it would be best if you
                                   did by unique visitors.
                                   [even tim agrees we should pay webmasters per
                                   unique users, not pageviews.  our sites get
                                   low ctr% and are too sticky -- bad for
                                   advertising (in general)]
 sam        28/12/20 8:34 am  hey Will .. are you there
 bryant     28/12/20 9:30 am  Am now - what's up?
 sam        28/12/20 9:38 am  Hey .. just wanted to tell you that we'll be
                                   delaying our payroll as I mentioned before
                                   this week unfortunately :
 bryant     28/12/20 9:38 am  np - how long?
 sam        28/12/20 9:39 am  i would say 7 to  10 days at most..
                                   owes us 200k but it looks like they're going
                                   to play games with us.. speedyclick should be
                                   giving us 200k next week as well.. 
 bryant     28/12/20 9:40 am  Cool - we can make things stretch that long
                                   I'm sure.  
 bryant     28/12/20 9:44 am  Hey, just called me.  We haven't
                                   moved them over yet (closed 3-4 weeks ago) and
                                   they lose their hosting tomorrow.  The ball
                                   was rolling with Nate to move them, but he's
                                   on vacation now.  So they're looking for us to
                                   pay their hosting bill so they don't go dead
 bryant     28/12/20 9:45 am  (They're (moviehit) telling me Nate is on
                                   vacation) - don't know if that's true or not.
 bryant     28/12/20 9:45 am  What should I tell them?
 bryant     28/12/20 9:45 am  Obviously we're not excited about dropping
                                   $1540 on hosting for them if we're delaying
 sam        28/12/20 9:46 am  nate is in Dc yeah
 sam        28/12/20 9:46 am  why are they dropping their hosting
 sam        28/12/20 9:47 am  can we tell them that it will be delayed until
                                   we have more serveres
 sam        28/12/20 9:47 am  and we don't have our banners on their site
                                   yet do we
 bryant     28/12/20 9:47 am  They've been taking a loss every month, are
                                   basically out of money.
 sam        28/12/20 9:47 am  oh really.. and we're still paying them 2cpm +
                                   free hosting?
 bryant     28/12/20 9:48 am  Yeah, but the scale is much lower than 2cpm.
 bryant     28/12/20 9:49 am  They're a flopped startup with a lot of
                                   promise basically.  They burnt through their
                                   cash.  The loss they''ve been taking was due
                                   to their startup costs, not standard operating
 sam        28/12/20 9:49 am  maybe we can use this oppty to renegotiate a
                                   better deal? or nah? :)
 sam        28/12/20 9:49 am  how do u mean scale is much lower
 bryant     28/12/20 9:50 am  Scale is like a 1cpm or less I think.
 sam        28/12/20 9:50 am  really?
 sam        28/12/20 9:50 am  thats ncie.. i thought it was 2
 bryant     28/12/20 9:50 am  I thought so, lemme check.
 bryant     28/12/20 9:52 am  1500.00 for every 1750k PVs mo.  So less than
                                   1cpm scales.
 bryant     28/12/20 9:53 am  Anyway, they're still on the phone with me. 
                                   They're saying Nate gave them a timeline and
                                   that's why they cancelled their hosting.
 sam        28/12/20 9:54 am  hm.. can they keep it alive for another 30
 sam        28/12/20 9:54 am  we're in the midst of a move from CAIS to
                                   another provider
 bryant     28/12/20 10:00 am I think we're covered.  THey're going to see
                                   about some sort of temporary solution with
                                   their old provider.
 sam        28/12/20 10:01 am sounds good :)
 bryant     28/12/20 10:05 am Hey, have had a couple webmasters ask about
                                   the availability of the horizontal navbar. 
                                   Any word on when that's going to be ready?
 sam        28/12/20 10:06 am yeah.. waiting on nate.. but that will only be
                                   available in areas where they cant absolutely
                                   use the vertical
 bryant     28/12/20 10:07 am Penny-Arcade is wondering if they can put the
                                   vert navbar on the left too, below their nav
                                   buttons on the new design.  It's below the
                                   fold, but right in the meat of their content. 
                                   Thoughts?  It would be above the fold on the
                                   strip pages which is both the bulk of their
                                   traffic and their largedst exit pages.
 sam        04/01/20 2:01 pm  hey Will.. how are the ad sales efforts going
                                   thus far?
 bryant     04/01/20 3:54 pm  Haven't made just tons of headway.  I've
                                   received a bunch of materials from Chris and
                                   have followed up with the existing RFP that I
                                   have out - but haven't really started pursuing
                                   much beyond some gaming contact leads I have
                                   yet.  'More' being local sales and the like. 
                                   I haven't made a clean break from acqs at all,
                                   in fact there are some big sites I'm trying to
                                   reorganize to fit our newer needs and see if
                                   we can get them in with the new structure.
 bryant     04/01/20 3:56 pm  It's a juggling act and I just have more acqs
                                   balls up at the moment than sales, but I think
                                   I'm on the cusp of being able to divert more
                                   time towards the sales.  Managed to track down
                                   point of contacts for some of the more
                                   significant 'localized' companies I think
                                   might be interested in regional sales - so
                                   hoping to start cold calling them this
 sam        04/01/20 11:17 pm sure.. we're getting burned bigtime on
                                   page-view counting.. we need to do
                                   acquisitinos by daily visitor counting..
                                   pageview is an artificial indication of
                                   traffic.  also, just fyi, i did all the
                                   original acquisitions (30).. and all those
                                   are/were 1year deal.. they're due up now.. and
                                   its saved us 90%.. the 3 year was an idea
                                   whose time has come to pass..its an eternity..
                                   i'd like to also go back to doing one year
                                   deals (vest their shares and case over one
 bryant     04/01/20 11:46 pm Sounds good on the one year, I don't see that
                                   being an issue with people at all.  In terms
                                   of daily visitor counting, I haven't run into
                                   anyone yet that has really balked at that -
                                   and to be honest, it might help the acqs
                                   process.  Webmasters are used to talking PVs
                                   and CPMs - start talking visitors with them
                                   and we've taken them out of their comfort zone
                                   in terms of what they think they should
 sam        04/01/20 11:47 pm i know :) 
 sam        04/01/20 11:48 pm and in this market, 1 year and that would be
                                   alot more efficient.. now to just get our revs
 sam        04/01/20 11:48 pm btw, do u know marc? matt said he was looking
                                   for another job or something
 sam        04/01/20 11:48 pm if u know him, can u talk to him see whats
                                   going on. we'd like to keep him
 bryant     04/01/20 11:48 pm Marc Frank?  Yeah, know him well.
 bryant     04/01/20 11:48 pm Will do.  We talk just about every day.
 sam        04/01/20 11:49 pm i know 3 ppl in the office needed rent $ and
                                   we cut them checks for it
 sam        04/01/20 11:49 pm and nate asked about marc needing $ for check
                                   or something, i said not a problem of course
 sam        04/01/20 11:49 pm and yesterday matt said he was looking for
                                   another job cuz he was getting evicted or
 sam        04/01/20 11:49 pm btw, our money is being wired today so we
                                   should be set
 bryant     04/01/20 11:49 pm Hmm, yeah - I'll definitely talk to him today.
 sam        04/01/20 11:51 pm thanks!
 bryant     04/01/20 11:51 pm No problem - would hate to see Marc leave!  
 sam        04/01/20 11:51 pm im sure we'll be able to have him stay
 sam        04/01/20 11:52 pm i thought nate was going to talk to victoria
                                   to get a check over to him.. guess that didnt
 bryant     04/01/20 11:52 pm I am too to be honest.  He would have let me
                                   know if he was serious about leaving.
 sam        04/01/20 11:54 pm ok :) everything else is starting to look
                                   good. working on a big deal w/ excite right
                                   now.. getting our european arm going so they
                                   can take over that inventory.. im still
                                   distressed over our ad sales effort.. geting
                                   worse.. i moved 2 ppl around to our biz dev
                                   and have a new vp of biz dev (worklife
                                   founder).. and they're pitching our b2b
                                   solutions to portals now
 bryant     04/01/20 11:55 pm New sales guru (cnet lady) working out well?
 sam        04/01/20 11:56 pm she doesnt start till the 15th.. im concerned
                                   about her though.. she was distressed that we
                                   didnt take credit cards.. and she didnt want
                                   to have a 100k/month quota.. 60k/month was
                                   what she wanted to start out w/
 sam        04/01/20 11:56 pm sales ppl bs 
 sam        04/01/20 11:56 pm so we'll see how it goes
 bryant     04/01/20 11:56 pm Yeah - they do seem to share a common trait
                                   with that.
 sam        04/01/20 11:56 pm i mean who takes credit card payments for ad
 sam        04/01/20 11:56 pm she said most of her clients
 sam        04/01/20 11:57 pm like.. are they small clients? she said her
                                   clients put it on their biz card
 sam        04/01/20 11:57 pm weird..
 bryant     04/01/20 11:57 pm No kidding, I've never heard of that.  With
                                   the one exception of who has a link
                                   "instant advertising with a credit card".
 bryant     04/01/20 11:57 pm Which is sort of cool, but I wonder if anyone
                                   has ever used it?
 sam        05/01/20 12:03 am ya..not sure..
                                   new automotive hub.. if excite buys off on it,
                                   then we might need to buy auto sites to
                                   backfill the inventory
 sam        14/01/20 1:33 am  your check amount is 'net' ..meaning taxes
                                   have already been taken out
 bryant     14/01/20 1:35 am  Yeah, we saw that.  It's just a different
                                   amount than what normally gets deposited each
                                   pay period.  We were just confused.
 sam        14/01/20 1:35 am  really? how much is it off by
 bryant     14/01/20 1:35 am  May be a moot point, our bank isn't going to
                                   let us deposit the check in my account.
 bryant     14/01/20 1:36 am  Mine is off $218.43, Jo's is off $53.54.
 sam        14/01/20 1:36 am  i told victoria to wire it to every1 friday
                                   but she said the wiring deadline was 2 (it was
                                   3).. any other way we can get the money out to
                                   u fast?
 sam        14/01/20 1:36 am  can you sign on the back as DBA Will Bryant
 sam        14/01/20 1:37 am  or "for deposit only payable to will bryant
                                   and sign underneath"
 bryant     14/01/20 1:37 am  I don't think so.  It's not the end of the
                                   world though.  We're scrambling right now to
                                   see if we can get a GMX account open down here
                                   so that we can just xfer the money into our
                                   personal accounts.
 sam        14/01/20 1:37 am  i used to do that all the time
 bryant     14/01/20 1:37 am  Yeah, we tried all that.  Damn banks won't let
                                   any of that slide.
 sam        14/01/20 1:37 am  :(  i wonder how victoria made that mistake
 bryant     14/01/20 1:37 am  Actually, we might be cool.  Jo's heading out
                                   to try and open a biz account now.
 sam        14/01/20 1:38 am  i coudl wesetern union the funds or
                                   something.. monday is bank holiday so no wires
                                   allowed then either
 bryant     14/01/20 1:38 am  She's had a lot riding on her - I don't have
                                   any hard feelings towards anyone.  It happens.
 sam        14/01/20 1:39 am  yeah.. we were short.. all the $ didnt come
                                   in.. so i had an idea.. to net it out.. and
                                   then we'd pay the taxes next week.. and i told
                                   her to do that.. she went through adp and
                                   figured out everyone's nets
 bryant     14/01/20 1:39 am  re: Western Union - whatever you think is
                                   best.  I wouldn't care at all about waiting
                                   until next week, but we're going to get hit
                                   with some serious penalties with the mortgage
 bryant     14/01/20 1:39 am  Heh, that's a good idea.  =)
 sam        14/01/20 1:39 am  i know :) she was like huh.. what u cant do
                                   i said yes you dcan :)
 sam        14/01/20 1:40 am  how much penalty?
 bryant     14/01/20 1:40 am  If the bank lets us open this biz account
                                   we're golden.
 bryant     14/01/20 1:40 am  Can get the mortgage in and everything.
 sam        14/01/20 1:40 am  ok.. hopefully they should.. do u have
                                   gamesmatrix documentation
 bryant     14/01/20 1:40 am  Yeah.  Just had to type up a few quick "board
                                   resolutions" lol.
 bryant     14/01/20 1:40 am  Have everything else.
 sam        14/01/20 1:40 am  heh been there done that :p
 sam        14/01/20 1:41 am  was roy's check send to u?
 bryant     14/01/20 1:41 am  Anyway, thanks for asking about it.  Hopefully
                                   the 'crisis' has been diverted.  If the bank
                                   gives us a problem I'll let you know to see if
                                   we can find another solution.
 bryant     14/01/20 1:41 am  Yeah it was - I'm priority mailing it to him
 sam        14/01/20 1:41 am  sure no problem
 sam        14/01/20 1:41 am  thanks for sticking it out.. kinda rough week
 bryant     14/01/20 1:43 am  We're all in this for the long haul and for
                                   the company.  eFront is preferable to
                                   something a little more secure but not as
                                   exciting.  Will make it that much better when
                                   we come out the other side.  =)
 sam        14/01/20 1:44 am  yeah i know :) ill fwd you a good news email..
                                   hopefully something comes out of it
 bryant     14/01/20 1:44 am  Great!
 bryant     14/01/20 1:44 am  Hey, did Jon send you that article
                                   re: UGO and its affiliates?
 sam        14/01/20 1:45 am  yeah he did.. 
 bryant     14/01/20 1:45 am  Woops.  Jo says I have to go with to open this
                                   thing.  I'm off.  Will talk to you later.
 sam        14/01/20 1:45 am  k talk to u later
 bryant     14/01/20 4:39 am  FYI
                                   Lowtax (ICQ#19629905) Wrote:
                                   Will, I'm probably going to be giving up SA. 
                                   I can't wait until February to be paid, and
                                   I'm sick to death of all this network crap and
                                   never knowing if I'll have enough money to pay
                                   rent at the end of the month.  I'm broke and I
                                   can't take this any more..
 sam        14/01/20 4:42 am  have hiim send an email to g3 outlining his
                                   needs .. g3 is collecting all of those and
                                   we'll be allocating some funds to take care of
                                   the webmasters who are struggling
 bryant     14/01/20 4:42 am  Will do.
 sam        14/01/20 5:11 am  in the recap email g3 is sending out monday,
                                   he's going to remind every1 of their
                                   confidentiality clause
 sam        14/01/20 5:11 am  i mean if infospace sees stuff like that, we
                                   wont get any funding
 sam        14/01/20 5:11 am  then its a sure death
 sam        14/01/20 5:11 am  so we're only hurting ourselves
 sam        14/01/20 5:34 am  roy & i were just talking about SA
 sam        14/01/20 5:35 am  we wanted to see if we can try a new concept
                                   with him
 bryant     14/01/20 5:45 am  Sorry back - seems one of the PA guys is
                                   continuiing to shit on us in public - and is
                                   being specific about myself and Jon in the
                                   process.  Trying to diffuse that through the
                                   other PA guy, but with no luck.
 sam        14/01/20 5:46 am  what do you recommend?
 bryant     14/01/20 5:49 am  I think we need a cease and desist letter from
                                   the lawyers.
 sam        14/01/20 5:49 am  and shut their site down?
 bryant     14/01/20 5:50 am  I think that needs to go out as soon as
                                   possible.  If he continues, I think we need to
                                   take some action.
 sam        14/01/20 5:50 am  do you recommend shutting them down
 sam        14/01/20 5:50 am  to get their attention?
 bryant     14/01/20 5:51 am  No, I think we fire a warning shot with the
                                   letter.  If that doesn't work I think we come
                                   down hard and furious in every way we can.
 bryant     14/01/20 5:51 am  If Mike manages to impair our ability to
                                   operate we have legal recourse, but what good
                                   does that do us if we go under because we miss
                                   out on some big deal?
 bryant     14/01/20 5:52 am  Shutting them down now would just fuel the
 bryant     14/01/20 5:52 am  The letter gives him enough rope to either
                                   hang himself, or climb off his soapbox.
 sam        14/01/20 5:52 am  do you have a sample cease & desist letter
 sam        14/01/20 5:52 am  i'd like to get it fired off today
 sam        14/01/20 5:52 am  im looking on my hard drive to see if i have
 sam        14/01/20 5:52 am  we put specific evidence, etc. and quote laws
 sam        14/01/20 5:53 am  and fire a warning shot.. 
 sam        14/01/20 5:53 am  and using his letter he sent us also as
                                   evicence of breach
 sam        14/01/20 5:53 am  and violating our confidentialty policies
 sam        14/01/20 5:53 am  as well as defamation
 bryant     14/01/20 5:54 am  Yeah, we have to do something.  It needs to be
                                   Mike 'Gabe' Krahulik to, and not Jerry 'Tycho'
                                   Parkinson.  Jerry isn't being vocal.
 sam        14/01/20 5:56 am  im seeing if i can find a sample copy of a
                                   generic c&d .. then we put specfics in there..
                                   and fax it to him on efront letterhead 
                                   and on the bottom we can do
                                   cc: Melody Dapp Williams,
                                   [full title, esquire, etc.]
                                   that way it makes it seem intimidating that
                                   the lawyer is ccd on it 
 sam        14/01/20 5:56 am  and we can send it to our lawyer as well
 sam        14/01/20 5:56 am  but it brings more credibiilty
 bryant     14/01/20 5:56 am  Yeah.
 sam        14/01/20 5:56 am  and we order eerything to be ceased in 24
                                   hours and retract everything they said
 sam        14/01/20 5:56 am  and delete their postings
 sam        14/01/20 5:56 am  or we will take action
 sam        14/01/20 5:58 am  do you guys wnat to prepare it and ill review
                                   it then you can fax to him?
 bryant     14/01/20 5:59 am  Yeah, have a template?
 sam        14/01/20 5:59 am  still searching :)
 bryant     14/01/20 6:03 am  Is Greg writing a letter as well?  Or is that
                                   the one Jerry is having me do the first draft
 sam        14/01/20 6:04 am  oh thats probably you.. not sure who was doing
 bryant     14/01/20 6:04 am  ok cool - just wanted to make sure we weren't
 bryant     14/01/20 6:05 am  These people kill me.  They're so short
                                   sighted and immature.  I've been trying to
                                   talk sense to Tycho but I'm not sure I'm
                                   gettomg anywhere.
 bryant     14/01/20 6:10 am  So naive. 
 bryant     14/01/20 6:11 am  I might have talked some sense to Tycho.  I'm
                                   going to watch the messageboards closely this
                                   weekend to see if Gabe persists.  If he does,
                                   we'll get the C&D out.
 sam        14/01/20 6:11 am
 sam        14/01/20 6:12 am  one sample :) 
 sam        14/01/20 6:12 am  looking for more
 bryant     14/01/20 6:12 am  In the meantime, I've got a lot of issues that
                                   I want to try and work into the letter to try
                                   and diffuse all of this.  I don't think pissed
                                   of webmasters is the end of the world, but
                                   better to have them on their backs wagging
                                   their tails than snapping at us.
 sam        14/01/20 6:12 am  yes i agree
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