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Similarities Between "Star Wars" And "Willow"

by TAVI-Iņigo Aymat
Via article exchange program with Echo Station's Spanish partner

Willow is much closer to the Star Wars philosophy than you might think. There are many points of coincidence: a world where various beings live; Elora is hidden when born, just the same as the Skywalker twins; Magic can be used for good or bad (as the Force); Willow is an apprentice as is Luke, while Madmartigan is a freelance who doesn't believe in Magic, like Han...

For you to see it clearer:

Star Wars Willow Description
Luke Willow  They both were farmers and they learn to use their power against tyranny.
The Force Magic Mystic powers which develop throughout the adventure.
Palpatine Bavmorda The tyrannical leader, who plans to dominate the universe. Masters of the mystic power.
Obi-Wan Aldwin Both are the first Mentors of the respective heroes, and in both cases they're not the ones to finish the training, leaving it to Yoda / Fin Raziel
Han Solo Madmartigan The mercenary. They start as criminals, but they finally join the cause. They're skeptical about the mystic powers.
Vader General Kael Tyrant's right hand. Both of them wear a a mask which produces fear.
Yoda Fin Raziel Masters of the hero, the ones who make his powers develop. They have an appearance of weakness, which hides their inner power.
C-3PO and R2-D2 The Brownies The hero's companions, who get him out of some danger. They give the humor touch.
Lando Airk The mercenary's old friend. He starts betraying him, but joins later.
Alderaan Tir Asleen The initial destination, where believe they will be safe. When they arrive there, they find it destroyed.  
Leia Shorsha Daughters of the "bad one", the one they fight against. They fall in love with the mercenary.

Furthermore, in both films,  the tyrant's right-hand-man (Vader / Sorsha) finally turns to the other band.   The one I can't place is Chewie.  Any suggestions ?

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